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Now we have some theory to underpin the game design, it’s time to start the practical game design. As an elearning developer / designer you will have a preferred rapid development tool. Some of the obvious ones being Articulate Storyline 2, Captivate 9, Lectora. All of these have their various advantages and disadvantages. For a good assessment of them all see: I had to choose one to create a game so I went with Storyline 2 for no other reason than, this is the last tool I used to create an elearning course, but I’ll try and keep the instructions as generic as possible. I’ll provide a link to the finished course at the end so you can download it and look at the structure/actions/code etc. I’ll also try and break down the elearning development into salient sections – one post a section. Keep the Octalysis gamification framework at hand to check what you need to think about as you start to develop:

elearning developer
elearning developer

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