Week 1 Storyline Development

Week 1 Aims


Bespoke eLearning Development

Week 1 will be our ‘defining week’ for the elearning developer to begin work. We will identify a problem that we need to solve with some kind of elearning game. We will also define the motivation of the ‘players’ as without motivation they will not play and consequently they will not learn. And finally we will decide on the two main game elements 1) the fun aspect 2) how learning will occur as a result of playing the game.

bespoke elearning problem

So let’s invent a potential bespoke elearning problem and then see how we can develop a game using Storyline to resolve it…
Staff in a business (let’s call it Rob’s Carpets) have recently received training on a new system that allows them to log how new customers made first contact with the business. However many of the staff are making mistakes and need some kind of refresher training.
So to provide the extra training the staff need, we will create a game. This game will provide the refresher training in order to reduce the mistakes made.

Let’s give the game a name: Customer Quest (it’s probably a good idea to keep the name in the positive sphere – I wouldn’t recommend for example calling it – ‘Stop making bloody mistakes!’. The trick is to train staff without them realising it)
Fun element: The game will be created as a simple quest type game.
Learning element: The game will introduce questions and feedback which will help the ‘players’ to learn as they progress through the quest.

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