How to Measure the Efficacy of elearning / learning Part 2

Evaluating eLearning / learning Introduction to Evaluation of elearning / learning The field of evaluation is well established and as a result, there are a number of different approaches and theories. In order to develop a practical, non-labour intensive and therefore cost-effective tool, we (Higher Level Learning) opted for a goal-based approach (see 2. below) […]

How to measure the efficacy of elearning / learning Part 1

How to measure the efficacy of elearning / learning Whether you’re an elearning designer or developer or anyone working in the field of learning, measuring the efficacy of learning is sometimes regarded as a difficult or almost impossible task especially measuring the transfer of skills in the workplace.  Consequently it is rarely attempted or only ‘surface scratched’. We’ve […]

Scenario Based Learning

elearning developers, designers – download your free scenario based learning template (Word format) scenariobasedlearning Scenarios can be used to immerse learners in a work related situation and expose them to a given situation and ask them to apply knowledge relevant to that situation. They can be developed to address single or multiple learning objectives. SBL presents […]

Persuading subject matter experts to write for scenarios

elearning developers Working as elearning designers and / or elearning developers, we come across many different types of business who want online learning creating or face to face training, converting to online learning.  From what I’ve seen the message still isn’t getting through that people learn from involvement and decision making and not from reading pages and pages […]

Start the game design in Storyline

Bespoke eLearning Development eLearning Developer Now we have some theory to underpin the game design, it’s time to start the practical game design. As an elearning developer / designer you will have a preferred rapid development tool. Some of the obvious ones being Articulate Storyline 2, Captivate 9, Lectora. All of these have their various […]

Learning Design Documentation

Bespoke eLearning Development eLearning Developer It would be remiss of me to go any further without mentioning some kind of learning design documentation – useful for the elearning developer / designer. A design document sets out what form the game will take, how learning will occur and generally gives you something to work from and […]

Creating Learning Objectives

Bespoke eLearning Development eLearning Developer Let’s start by creating learning objectives – useful for the elearning developer / designer – well basically anyone that’s trying to create some kind of learning!. The objectives should be based on the problems the business is going to solve. For example let’s say that the Customer Support Team at Rob’s carpets […]

Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation

Bespoke eLearning Development As an elearning developer / designer, It is important to distinguish between these two types of motivation: extrinsic motivation – where you are engaged because of a goal or reward; and intrinsic motivation – where the activity itself is fun and exciting, with or without a reward. Extrinsic motivation has it’s place […]

Week 1 Storyline Development

  Bespoke eLearning Development Week 1 will be our ‘defining week’ for the elearning developer to begin work. We will identify a problem that we need to solve with some kind of elearning game. We will also define the motivation of the ‘players’ as without motivation they will not play and consequently they will not learn. […]